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Are you tired of seeing fake promo offers that promise free cigarettes, only to be roped into some kind of spam email campaign or expensive payment scheme?

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That's why at Freesmokes.org, we work with third-party partners who are directly linked to legitimate cigarette companies and give real offers.

We are so excited to announce that Camel is offering free Camel cigarettes to loyal customers like you! This offer comes straight from Camel and is available by clicking on any of the coupons we have listed here on our site.

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All About Camel Cigarettes

As one of the oldest and most recognizable American cigarette brands, Camel Cigarettes is a major global tobacco company. It was founded in 1913 by R. J. Reynolds, a major figure in the tobacco industry. Reynolds is credited with inventing the packaged cigarette!

Why the camel?

The iconic camel imagery has become synonymous with the famous unfiltered packaged cigarette. But why did R.J. Reynolds decide to use it?

At the time the company was founded, common cigarettes on the market did not have very good flavor. Reynolds was inspired by the popular Egyptian cigarettes of the Middle East and their rich flavors. Therefore, he decided to add Turkish tobacco to his cigarettes to make them taste better.

Joe Camel ad

This was a great decision on his end, as the cigarettes became wildly popular. He wanted to use the imagery of a camel to represent the part of the world where the flavorful tobacco came from. There was even a mascot named Joe Camel to help with advertising!

What Do I Get with a Free Camel Cigarettes Offer?

At Freesmokes.org, we are so excited to provide some never-before-seen offers for free Camel cigarettes. By clicking on one of our available coupons, you will be entitled to win tons of free cigarettes!

But, how much is "tons"?

You can win several free cartons of Camel cigarettes. Free Camel cigarette cartons include 200 cigarettes each that you can smoke completely for free!

Let's do the math on this. One pack of cigarettes typically contains 20 individual smokes. A carton, on the other hand, has 10 packs each. That gives you a total of 200 flavorful cigarettes for you to enjoy at your own pace.

Take advantage of our hassle-free offers. We will never ask for personal information or require you to sign up for anything. We just found a great deal that we want to pass on to you!

Is This Free Camel Cigarettes Offer Really Hassle-Free?

We understand your concerns about our offer for free cigarette cartons. There are so many websites out there who try and scam loyal patrons like you by luring you in with a free offer. Only you soon realize that there is nothing really "free" about it.

Fake offers like that usually try to get you to sign up for something so they can sell your information, or worse - they'll try to steal money from you!!

We aren't about that here. In fact, we don't even have a place where we could store your personal information, even if we did ask for it (which we don't). There is absolutely nothing required on your end except to click on the offer. You won't have to provide personal or payment information - we will never ask for this!

So, How Do I Get Free Camel Cigarettes in 2023?

We make it easier than ever to get your hands on a fresh new pack of smokes, completely free of cost to you.

All you need to do is click here to view our offers, find one you want, and wait for your free cigarettes to arrive!

This simple process can be broken down into three easy steps:

Step 1: View and Select an Offer

You will see multiple offers on our site that all give you an opportunity to get free Camel cigarette cartons (no human verification required). You can view the details of each offer before selecting one.

When you are ready to choose one, just click on it!

Step 2: Answer a Camel Customer Service Question

Camel is offering free cartons of cigarettes as a way of saying thank you to loyal customers like you. They want to make sure that they continue to do a good job serving customers, so they might ask you a couple of survey questions about your most recent cigarette purchasing experience.

Don't worry, nothing personal is asked of you! You may see questions such as, "Do you often see Camel cigarettes in stock at your grocery store", or "Do Camel cigarettes seem overpriced to you"? Select a multiple-choice answer to move on to the final step and earn your reward!

Step 3: Earn Your Free Camel Cigarettes 2023!

Now that you've helped the company and selected an offer, Camel will provide you with free cartons of cigarettes. Camel may ask for an email address, but this is just so that they have a way to contact you to let you know that you have free smokes available!

You will be able to enjoy tons of free cigarettes that you can smoke at your leisure. Enjoy the unique, rich flavors of an unfiltered Camel cigarette!

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Why go through Freesmokes.org to get free Camel cigarettes when you can find other offers online? Well, it's hard to find a site that is reliable and transparent. We also provide other benefits to using our free and easy offers.

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Freesmokes.org Disclaimer

Our offers work directly through major tobacco companies to provide free cigarettes. These offers are exclusively available for citizens of the United States who are over 21 years old. These offers are limited to those over 21 as required by U.S. law as well as the policies and practices of the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.