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Kool is one of the country's most famous menthol cigarettes and has been a hit among fans since 1933. We're excited to join the tradition by giving away free Kool cigarette coupons to all American smokers 21 years of age or older. We've got free packs and cartons of Kool cigarettes available for you to enjoy with no strings attached!

You can get your free Kools in moments with no obligations. You don't have to sign up for any new programs to enjoy your free Kool cigarettes. Here's a look at how you can get your free Kool cigarette coupons for your packs or cartons today!

About Kool Cigarettes

Kool is a menthol cigarette that was introduced in 1933 by Brown and Williamson. It is currently owned by ITG Brands, a subsidiary of the Imperial Tobacco Company. Kool is available throughout the United States, plus it is available outside the country through British American Tobacco. Kool has long been marketed as one of the coolest cigarettes around with a clean menthol taste.

Kool has seen a few changes over the years, most notable for how its iconic green and white cigarette pack was changed with a new design. But Kool remains one of the top menthol cigarettes on today's market. The brand makes king and 100's cigarettes in varying strengths. You can also find wider cigarettes that feature a wider ring for a fuller taste.

What Are Kool Cigarette Cartons?

You'll get ten packs of Kool cigarettes in each carton. Each pack features twenty cigarettes, giving you 200 Kool menthol cigarettes in each carton!

You can find Kool cartons and packs in various places. You can find them at your local grocery store, convenience store, drugstore, or tobacco shop. You could also find discounts on Kool cigarettes at wholesale club stores or warehouse specialty shops. Don't forget about the assortment of websites where you can buy Kool packs and cartons.

You'll find various deals on Kool cigarettes no matter where you go to buy them, but our website goes one step further. We are proudly offering free Kool packs and cartons to all Americans who are at least 21 years old. You can get a free Kool pack or carton by clicking on one of the coupons on our website. It's easy to get a free Kool carton or pack from our website.

How Can I Get Free Kool Cigarettes?

It's easy to get free Kool cigarettes through our website. Check out the free Kool cigarette coupons we have on the page and click on your favorite. Follow a few brief steps and complete an activity like watching a video or filling out a general survey, and you'll be on your way to enjoying your free Kool cigarettes. Our coupons are available for online and in-store use.

We provide a simple process for getting the Kool cigarettes you want. We won't require any detailed things from you, nor will we ask you to sign up for anything. We want to ensure you're getting the free Kool cigarette coupons you want without jumping through so many hoops.

How Do We Get These Coupons?

We get our coupons for free Kools through our many third-party partners. We work with various groups who help us find the best offers on Kool cigarettes and bring them to you. You won't have to worry about scouring the internet to find free Kools, as we've done the hard work for you.

What Are the Benefits of Our Free Kool Cigarette Coupon Offer?

The odds are you've seen many other websites that promise free Kool cigarettes. But those places often make you go through various steps to get your free Kool coupons. They might ask you to provide sensitive bits of info about yourself, or they may offer their free Kools behind a paywall.

You'll never have to worry about those concerns when you use our website. We offer free Kool coupons without all the drama.

Take a look at some of the benefits our free cigarette offers:

  • Our offers are open to everyone 21 years or older in the United States.
  • We won't ask for any payments from you.
  • We also won't request any information on a payment method when you get your free coupons.
  • No downloads are necessary for acquiring our free coupons.
  • We will not request any overly personal bits of data about yourself, including any identifying numbers or other legal points of value.
  • Our website offers various coupons throughout the year. If you don't see what you're interested in now, check back later to see what we've got.

Our website provides the best approach to finding free Kool cigarettes that you'll ever find. Give us a try today!

Our Deals Work For All Kool Styles!

Like with many other cigarette brands, Kool offers a full assortment of products you can enjoy. You can use our free Kool cigarette coupons to purchase any of these styles, including:

  • Kool Filter Kings (full flavor king-size)
  • Kool Super Longs (full flavor 100's)
  • Kool Blue (mild cigarette available in both 100's and kings)
  • Kool XL Green (wide king cigarette with full flavor)
  • Kool XL Blue (mild wide king cigarette)

Whether you prefer a milder menthol flavor or you want a rich tone to your smoke, you'll find a quality menthol cigarette from Kool that fits your interest. Best of all, you can get all these cigarettes for free through our Kool coupons.

Get Your Free Kool Cigarettes Now!

It's never been easier to get free Kool cigarettes thanks to us. Get your free packs or cartons by visiting our website and seeing what offers we have to provide today. You'll find a great deal on Kool cigarettes, no matter what variety you prefer.


Our free Kool cigarette coupons offer is valid only for American residents at least 21 years of age. The requirement is in accordance with United States law and with all policies from ITG Brands and the Imperial Tobacco Company.