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Celebrate Marlboro Cigarettes 100th Anniversary

Turning 100 years old is a big deal, especially for an iconic American company like Marlboro. That's why the company wants to celebrate this huge occassion by giving away Marlboro 5 free cartons of cigarettes to all of its 21+ fans!

Marlboro is giving away free cartons in an exclusive giveaway to thank customers for 100 years of service. Here's how you can get your hands on free cartons of Marlboro without paying a single dime!

About Marlboro Cigarettes

As a company and a tobacco manufacturer, Marlboro has actually been around for much longer than 100 years. Marlboro is part of the Philip Morris USA company, name after tobacconist Philip Morris who opened his first tobacco shop in London in 1846. It was first introduced into the United States in 1920, and it grew to become the best selling cigarette brand in the entire globe.

What Are Marlboro Cigarette Cartons?

Pack of Marlboro cigarettes

Marlboro cigarette cartons are boxes that contain 10 individual packs of cigarettes. Each pack contains 20 cigarettes; therefore, a carton totals 200 cigarettes.

In many retail locations that sell cigarettes, you can also find large cartons that have twice as many cigarettes, up to 20 packs per carton, which totals 400 cigarettes in one purchase.

Many customers like to shop for their cigarettes in person, but there are many websites where you can get cheap Marlboro cigarettes online with free shipping. Not only is our website easy to use, it is also 100% free!

During this exclusive free gift 2023 giveaway, you'll receive 5 regular cartons of Marlboro cigarettes, totally for free. Read on to find out how you can get your hands on some free cartons of Marlboro!

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This free Marlboro cigarettes coupons offer is exclusively for customers over the age of 21. This is required by U.S. law as well as the policies and procedures outlined by Philip Morris USA Inc.