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About Virginia Slims Cigarettes

From the beginning, Virginia Slims was branded and sold to the public as a fashionable activity for women to induldge in. They marketed Virginia Slims to women using certain feminine appeals such as slimness, glamor, and style to illustrate how different they than men's cigarette brands. Basically Virginia Slims functioned as a pioneer brand, which was absolutely successful in marketing to the empowerment of women everywhere.

A document from the surgeon general divulged the techniques Virginia Slims brand utilized as being linked to "freedom, emancipation, and empowerment".

What Are Virginia Slims Cigarettes?

Types of Virginia Slims
  • Virginia Slims (Full Flavor) 100's.
  • Virginia Slims Gold (Lights) 100's & 120's.
  • Virginia Slims Silver (Ultra Lights) 100's & 120's.
  • Virginia Slims Menthol (Full Flavor) 100's.
  • Virginia Slims Menthol Gold (Lights) 100's & 120's.
  • Virginia Slims Menthol Silver (Ultra Lights) 100's & 120's.

Virginia Slims cigarettes are mostly sold in boxes or softpacks which contain 20 individual cigarettes. Cartons of Virginia Slims cigarettes contain 10 packs totalling 200 cigarettes.

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